In my work, the world of abstraction encounters the world we live in. I make use of landscape, nature, familiar stereotypes as starting points for my paintings. I test the familiar, twisting it into the unexpected, the unrecognisable or the un-understood.   My paintings sometimes have a white space or a dark void which implies unknown places we might look to for new ideas about how we become.​ Thinking and re-thinking about alternative zones of encounter and about crossing over thresholds is an on-going research project for me. The work of Bracha Ettinger, the Israeli-born French artist, visual analyst, psychoanalyst, philosopher, and writer is a huge source of inspiration for my work.

I use oil paint and the stroke of the brush to look over the thresholds of abstract painting to see how meaning and emotional intensity might be produced by a whole series of structural strokes.  Dense versus transparent, light versus dark, and chopped versus continuous brush strokes.  The clash or harmony of colours can spark feelings and emotions.  Perceptions of moving forms, and the tensions which emerge, can sometimes create breaches where new ways of meeting each other, and of thinking about each other as diverse human beings, may be considered.

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